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Galway: A Portrait, 2005

What does Galway mean to you? How would you depict it? What makes the city unique? These are the questions that Kenny's asked of Galway's artists. The result was a multimedia exploration of the character of the city, featuring work by some of its most talented artists. As his contribution to the exhibition, Patsy submitted three works. His goal in each was to provide a view or scene that was essentially Galwegian -- a view any native would recognise as his home town -- but that had not been explored by other artists. He wanted to give a new perspective to an old city.

Moonlight On Galway Skyline
10.5 x 19.0
Garveys On The Square
18.0 x 24.0
King Of The Claddagh Views The City Of The Tribes
18.0 x 31.0
Acrylic & Pastel

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